November 27, 1973
The Allen County Park Board unanimously approved the Master Plan and Articles of Dedication for Fox Island and the FIA moved forward with its organizational development.
April 1974
The State of Indiana accepted FIA’s Articles of Incorporation.
October 1974
FIA by-laws are adopted.
November 1974
The U.S. Internal Revenue Service granted FIA 501(c) (3) status as a non-profit charitable organization.
January 1975
FIA’s first Board of Directors was established and chaired by Joan Goldner.
April 1976
The first trail guide training session was conducted by the FIA.
Summer 1976
The original Nature Center, which is now the Vera Dulin Wildlife Observation Building, was built with funds raised by the FIA.
Fox Island becomes an Allen County public park.
The current Nature Center opens to the public.
The original nature center building undergoes a renovation and is named the Vera Dulin Wildlife Observation Building. This is in honor of Vera Dulin, a long-time board member, volunteer, and supporter of Fox Island County Park.
FIA volunteers have contributed thousands of hours to help maintain Fox Island habitat, by raising funds for buildings, signage, equipment, and supplies. With park staff, FIA supports nature education for community members of all ages.
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